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Internet service:

Hosting : Our powerful servers assure 99.9% of up time that are connected to the backbone of the internet in the USA and Canada. Assuring that your site is fast to download. Our servers are setup with most up-to-date web solutions available such as MS Windows 2003, UNIX, Linux, Apache, and ASP.NET. Special platform can be installed upon request.

Site Design & Development: RIT solution takes care of your company in the World Wide Web, and ensures your best presentation on the internet. We utilize our expertise to implement outstanding presentations of your products and services. Our professional development is guaranteed.

customer service: Nothing is more important to your company than your customers; for without them, you wouldn’t be in business. At RIT solution, we fully understand the importance and magnitude of being entrusted to support your customers.

we know this service is important for all companies so  for more information please visit our customer service website

Banner Advertising: Banner advertising will be published in all RIT solution outlets that include main website of, email service, photo gallery, news pages, Yemen Email Service, Special Projects and supported sites by We receive an average of 200,000 hits a week.

E commerce Application: This package will give you the ability to display all of your products and services on the website including prices, descriptions, features and other details. Customers will be able to buy directly from your site using their credit card or checks, or they may choose to fax you the order for pickup or delivery.

Online Communities & Forum: Communities online grow together, share information, discuss products and services, and establish an online environment where they interact. Each member has its own username and password that verifies their contribution to the community, as well as tracking their activities online. Great feature to raise customer loyalty and retention.

Ticketing System: This system allows customers to report online tickets; each ticket has a number and stores the full history of the ticket along with the customer service representative who is taking care of the ticket.

Ticketing system gives management to monitor all online tickets and how they have been handled by their staff.

 Poll Vote: Gives customers the option to vote on different products, services, articles ... etc.

Online Survey: Gives you an interactive online interface to run surveys. These surveys can be as simple of as complex as desired. It limits who, when, and what is to be surveyed. You can specify the participants, and follow up with them if they have not filled out the survey. Each participant cannot vote more than once. At the end a statistical outcomes are generated. Great marketing research tool.

Online Marketing: Online marketing include Banner Advertising, Yemen Email Service, Search Engine submission, Site statistics and reports. Online Marketing option is only applicable for sites designed and hosted by .

Special Database Programming: Building a database driven website the pulls information from online databases such as MS Access, MYSQL, SQL, … etc. Such websites gives easier control for information that changes regularly such as news, portals, forums, … etc.

Training: Training is designed for clients interested to maintain our designed websites in house. Training takes around 10 hours of intensive site maintenance training. All trainees must have good computer skills, internet browsing, and have the desire to learn.

Email Control Panel: As an added control over the clients’ emails, is offering Email Control Panel to manage all emails under domain name. The panel will allow the client to create emails, modify, delete from their own premise using their access username and password. The panel is easily used, and fully managed by the client.

Online Form to Email:  Online form is an application that users fill out with the desired information, and submit it online, and the results goes to your email address. Practical solutions if you require customers to sign up for your products or services online.

Create and improve Computer Systems (programming):

Our Team Consists Of Qualified Programmers and network engineers, Who are capable and looking forward to go side by side with advance's, directing their capabilities to world of technology, maintaining fast grow in the world of technology, maintaining their steps to earn every thing new that is why the company tries to develop the employees' capabilities, attract specialized qualifications to provide the clients with trust and comfort . The company of the realization abides by the efforts continuous to the development of its employees performance, through the attraction of the specialized efficiencies and with the enough experience that makes them.